About Dr. Bourgeois

Dr. Bourgeois’ training has been focused on working to alleviate an individual’s symptoms by addressing systemic issues that support such symptoms. Dr. Bourgeois has received training in the use of play as a therapeutic intervention in order to include children in the systemic assessment and interventions. Other areas of focus for Dr. Bourgeois include: overcoming trauma, building and enhancing parenting skills, addressing adjustment issues in times of transitions, and building positive and functional family structures. Dr. Bourgeois also works with marital concerns, mood disorders, and behavioral concerns. Dr. Bourgeois is a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and a PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator. For more information about Marriage and Family Therapists, please visit www.aamft.org.

What's In A Name?

Like so many things in life, the name for Beehive Behavioral Health, LLC, has more than one meaning. Dr. Bourgeois decided on the name with the help of her family and friends, and other influential life events.

In Natchitoches, LA, while Dr. Bourgeois was working on her Bachelor’s degree, she was inspired by the name of a bee-themed burger joint. The owner once explained that she named the restaurant after the bee because at first glance, the bee looks as if it should not fly. After all, it is fluffy and large, and not aerodynamic like the wasp. Yet, somehow, the bee still manages to soar. Isn’t that what most of us feel like when we manage to overcome the hurdles in life?

Finally, as a student of systems theories, what better example do we have of how to work together for the benefit of the whole than the beautiful dance that bees perform to maintain the beehive? While we may not be making honey, we are working together to build a productive and functional community for the individuals, families, and couples we serve.

Mission Statement

Beehive Behavioral Health, LLC provides mental, behavioral, and relational health services for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Beehive Behavioral Health, LLC is dedicated to preserving the dignity of the person while providing effective, efficient, and flexible therapy plans for a wide variety of presenting concerns. Beehive Behavioral Health, LLC does not discriminate in the provision of services based on age, gender, topic of concern, or other presenting factors. Beehive Behavioral Health, LLC is committed to helping people connect with the services they need, and will help connect you to the appropriate professional if your need is outside of Dr. Bourgeois’ scope of practice.